Single or bundled options from AT&T Internet

Single internet plans are good choices if you live alone or you’re not really into high definition entertainment. However, when you have a houseful of people with a range of ages, genders, and tastes, bundling your services with AT&T Internet packages will meet all of your needs.

AT&T U-verse Internet plans, created a few years back, recently underwent a name switch to AT&T Internet, for the sake of being easier to remember, but the great services they’re known for stayed the same.

When it comes to brand recognition in the telecommunication industry, AT&T has become one of the household names to contend with. If you’re thinking of upgrading your existing plan with the company or switching over from your existing plan, you will be guaranteed the finest services.

The internet packages offered by AT&T were created to cater to the varied needs of subscribers. The speed tiers available are guaranteed to meet everyone’s online needs, from the most basic to the highest speed demand of 1 Gbps. AT&T’s fiber technology ensures super-fast speeds to power up every online activity, even for multiple users and devices going online at the same time.

Connecting to the internet when out of the home can still be fast and safe with the free registration and access to national AT&T WiFi hotspots found across the country. If you opt for the high-speed internet plans, setup of a wireless in-home hub is one the great perks gained. A wireless center in the home ensures internet connections at the same speed for several users and devices as they indulge in all their online activities for as long as they want and need.

Online orders offer the best discounts and bonuses. Introductory prices for as low as $40 a month for 1 year can be taken advantage of, down from the regular price of $70 a month after the promotion is up. The super fast downstream speed of 50 Mbps included in the plan makes this offer affordable and irresistible.

Find the plan that’s right for all your digital needs by going with AT&T.

Cox Cable deals you need to have in your home

Digital services are no longer luxuries, they are necessities. Every home now needs an internet connection and TV to catch up on everything happening locally and around the world.

Cox Cable deals are the packages to go for when you need fast and constant connections all the time and every time. Cox Cable Internet plans cover all your online needs from gaming, streaming, downloading, sharing, shopping, emailing, and more.

For single internet plans, Cox offers the following:

Cox Single 300 Mbps internet plan for $69.99 a month

  •         Fastest of the fast, the downstream speeds of 300 Mbps along with fast upstream speeds of 30 Mbps ensures speedy connections for the entire family, even when they go online at the same time
  •         Promotional offer for two years before going back to regular rate of $104.99 a month
  •         Free professional installation
  •         Free shipping if self-installation is chosen
  •         Includes Modem with WiFi
  •         Monthly data cap allowance of 1024 GB

Cox Single 100 Mbps Internet plan for $49.99 a month

  •         The blistering fast downstream speeds of 100 Mbps with upstream speeds of 10 Mbps has you covered all the time and every time
  •         Monthly data cap allowance of 1024 GB
  •      Promotional offer for two years before going back to regular price of $84.99 a month
  •         Free shipping if self-installation is the chosen
  •         Free professional installation
  •         Includes Modem with WiFi

Cox Single 15 Mbps Internet Plan for $29.99 a month

  •       Economical and fast, the fast downstream speed of 15 Mbps with 2 Mbps upstream speeds is the perfect choice for moderate internet users
  •         Monthly data cap allowance of 1024 GB
  •         Promotional offer for 1 year before going back to regular price of $63.99 a month
  •         One-time charge of $20 for setup
  •         Shipping charges for self-install
  •         Monthly charge of $9.99 for the Modem with WiFi


Cox always offers the best deals with money-saving bundle packages.. Bundle deals give you all you want for the best price. Contact us today to find out more money-saving packages you can get from Cox.

The dilemma of cheap Internet

Cheap internet connections are today’s dilemma. Yesterday, it was an internet connection. Today the cheapest internet connection is what it’s all about. Not only cheap, but also the best cheap internet service.

Is there a possibility to get economical internet connections without having to burn a hole in our pockets?

The importance of an internet connection in the home has never been felt like today. The following statistics about the importance of an internet connection in the home may surprise you:

  •         It has been found that higher graduation ratio, around 6-8% happens to students that have an internet connection at home than those without
  •         Future jobs are geared more online. The next 10 years are predicted to produce jobs that will only be available online
  •         Right now top companies, more than 80% such as Target and Wal-Mart only receives online applications instead of receiving walk-ins. If you want to apply for a job with these companies you need to have an internet connection.

To help correct this internet connection deficit, the FCC or Federal Communications Commission formed partnerships with top-of-the-line internet service providers to make it possible for people to have the service right in their homes.

This made way for various programs implemented to ensure high-speed but cheap internet connections for everyone. The catch is being qualified under the programs. For example, AT&T has a program called Access which provides basic internet speeds of 3 Mbps for a low monthly charge of $5.00. Higher speed tiers between 5-10 Mbps can also be provided for as low as $10 a month. These plans do have monthly data caps of 600 GB but the activation fee is waived along with a wireless router, free of charge.

Qualifying for the programs from different ISPs other than AT&T are the following:

  •         You have to be a resident in areas where the ISPs offer their services
  •         At least one person in the household is a SNAP member or receive food stamps every month

If you think you qualify under these cheap internet programs, give us a call today.

Colossal savings with Windstream bundles

Hefty savings awaits you with Windstream packages including the high-speed internet, TV, and the home phone.

Bundle packages are the smartest options to get from Windstream to enjoy fast and dependable telecommunications and entertainment. Going for the bundle offers from Windstream mean a lot of things: zero commitment, great service, huge savings, and convenience of one monthly bill for all. The zero contract and long-term agreement give you the ability to get rid of your services after a period or continue using it for a long time.

Locking in your price rate is also with Windstream. Going for their discounted offer of a high-speed internet plan and the home phone gives you the same rate for a year. Take a look at this exceptional bundle offer:

Windstream bundle of the high-speed internet and the home phone for $39.99 a month

  • Gives blistering fast downstream speeds of 100 Mbps to enable you to do everything you want to do online from streaming, gaming, chatting, emailing, sharing, shopping, surfing, browsing, and more
  • Call everyone or talk as much as you want with family and friends with the unlimited local and nationwide call feature of the home phone. Keep in touch every day and all the time with this wonderful phone feature.
  • Includes all the popular phone features such as call waiting, call forwarding, Caller ID, and more.
  • Zero contract and long-term agreement

Windstream now has fiber to quickly connect you and multiple users and devices in the home to the web. The 1Gig internet speed is the ultimate speed tier to go for if you want to connect all users and devices in the home all the time and every time. Streaming, gaming, sharing, and more are done seamlessly on multiple devices with the insane downstream speed of 1 Gig.

If available in your area, go for the 1 Gig and home phone bundle with Windstream. Pairing them ensures the best telecommunication services right in your home.

Find out how you can save more and enjoy more with Windstream by calling us today.

Optimum Internet plans are unrivaled as ever

Optimum Internet plans are better than ever. Optimum Internet services offer the fastest and most dependable connections for the best prices.

The best Optimum deals are always online. Signing online gives you outright savings when installation fee as much as $99 is waived. Another benefit for signing up online is free Netflix for one year. If you have already paid for Netflix, Optimum will pay you back the money you spent for it.

Choosing the right internet speeds ensures getting the connections that work for you and your family.

Optimum 10

When the internet need is simple and light, the downstream speeds of 10 Mbps will be the ideal choice.

Optimum 60

The fast downstream speeds of 60 Mbps will be the best choice if you are always engaged in numerous emailing jobs and chatting as well.

Optimum 100

The blistering fast downstream speeds of 100 Mbps will be the perfect choice if the entire users and devices in the home want to go online downloading, shopping, and posting at the same time and all the time.

Optimum 200

The zippy downstream speeds of 200 Mbps will be more than capable to handle multiple devices and users as they download huge files, do video chatting, streaming movies and videos, and more.

Optimum 300

Real-time gaming, streaming HD movies and videos, video conferences can easily be handled by the crazy downstream speeds of 300 Mbps. This super fast internet speed tier will readily support all devices and users as they go online together, 24/7.

You can do better and more if you add Optimum TV to any internet plan of choice. Adding Optimum TV gives you packages that include impressive lineups of more than 620 channels with 165 channels in pure HD. Browse and choose from thousands of On Demand titles. Get right into the action without leaving your home by adding Sports packages to include MLB Network, NFL RedZone and more. Premium channels such as Starz, HBO, Showtime, and more can also be wonderful additions.

Get right into the middle of the digital action by going with Optimum. Call us today to sign up for the package you want.