Single or bundled options from AT&T Internet

Single internet plans are good choices if you live alone or you’re not really into high definition entertainment. However, when you have a houseful of people with a range of ages, genders, and tastes, bundling your services with AT&T Internet packages will meet all of your needs.

AT&T U-verse Internet plans, created a few years back, recently underwent a name switch to AT&T Internet, for the sake of being easier to remember, but the great services they’re known for stayed the same.

When it comes to brand recognition in the telecommunication industry, AT&T has become one of the household names to contend with. If you’re thinking of upgrading your existing plan with the company or switching over from your existing plan, you will be guaranteed the finest services.

The internet packages offered by AT&T were created to cater to the varied needs of subscribers. The speed tiers available are guaranteed to meet everyone’s online needs, from the most basic to the highest speed demand of 1 Gbps. AT&T’s fiber technology ensures super-fast speeds to power up every online activity, even for multiple users and devices going online at the same time.

Connecting to the internet when out of the home can still be fast and safe with the free registration and access to national AT&T WiFi hotspots found across the country. If you opt for the high-speed internet plans, setup of a wireless in-home hub is one the great perks gained. A wireless center in the home ensures internet connections at the same speed for several users and devices as they indulge in all their online activities for as long as they want and need.

Online orders offer the best discounts and bonuses. Introductory prices for as low as $40 a month for 1 year can be taken advantage of, down from the regular price of $70 a month after the promotion is up. The super fast downstream speed of 50 Mbps included in the plan makes this offer affordable and irresistible.

Find the plan that’s right for all your digital needs by going with AT&T.

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