Optimum Internet plans are unrivaled as ever

Optimum Internet plans are better than ever. Optimum Internet services offer the fastest and most dependable connections for the best prices.

The best Optimum deals are always online. Signing online gives you outright savings when installation fee as much as $99 is waived. Another benefit for signing up online is free Netflix for one year. If you have already paid for Netflix, Optimum will pay you back the money you spent for it.

Choosing the right internet speeds ensures getting the connections that work for you and your family.

Optimum 10

When the internet need is simple and light, the downstream speeds of 10 Mbps will be the ideal choice.

Optimum 60

The fast downstream speeds of 60 Mbps will be the best choice if you are always engaged in numerous emailing jobs and chatting as well.

Optimum 100

The blistering fast downstream speeds of 100 Mbps will be the perfect choice if the entire users and devices in the home want to go online downloading, shopping, and posting at the same time and all the time.

Optimum 200

The zippy downstream speeds of 200 Mbps will be more than capable to handle multiple devices and users as they download huge files, do video chatting, streaming movies and videos, and more.

Optimum 300

Real-time gaming, streaming HD movies and videos, video conferences can easily be handled by the crazy downstream speeds of 300 Mbps. This super fast internet speed tier will readily support all devices and users as they go online together, 24/7.

You can do better and more if you add Optimum TV to any internet plan of choice. Adding Optimum TV gives you packages that include impressive lineups of more than 620 channels with 165 channels in pure HD. Browse and choose from thousands of On Demand titles. Get right into the action without leaving your home by adding Sports packages to include MLB Network, NFL RedZone and more. Premium channels such as Starz, HBO, Showtime, and more can also be wonderful additions.

Get right into the middle of the digital action by going with Optimum. Call us today to sign up for the package you want.